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Delta variant is on the rise

Informative article on COVID-19 and its variants. Several hospitals reported over 95% hospitalization cases are from unvaccinated patients, young or old.

LA country just released a face covering mandate for indoor environment as the COVID-19 cases sharply rise. Remember, LA country has one of the higher vaccinate rate in California - 63% with at least one shot as of early July 2021.

The worst scenario is the mutation continues and a new variant created could evade the antibodies from the existing vaccines, render them useless. At that point, the world would get back to square one as in winter 2019.


  • My former state Missouri is also experiencing this scenario, especially in the southwest section-home of Springfield, Branson and Lake of the Ozarks. Huge GOP/ MAGA area, of course!
  • Pretty hard to find sympathy for those who deliberately refuse to protect themselves, become infected, and then drain the medical resources of their communities, all the while putting others in additional danger.
  • Howdy folks,

    One day we'll look back on this eyewitness example of evolution, or survival of the fittest, taking place before our eyes. Unlike so many physical trials in the past, this is one of education, ignorance and stupidity - or the lackthereof. Mother Nature is eliminating them as we watch. The human race is culling itself of their quasi-human element. I say quasi-human because I'm no longer really sure we can classify these creatures as human beings. What separates us from the animals is our ability reason. Without it are we human? Or is this a backwards 'missing link'? A devolution as it were. They say you can't fix stupid and you and I can't. Not all the kings horse and all the kings men. Ah, but Mother Nature can and will and is doing it as we watch.

    Alas and alack.

    and so it goes,

    peace and getting back to and wear the damn mask,

  • A devolution as it were.
    Sad but true. So much unnecessary loss of lives.
  • Good morning, @rono. I've been thinking exactly like you for a while now. I just wish that Mother Nature would be a little more efficient at disposing of the leaders rather than the followers.

    I believe that a large part of the problem is that our cohort is nearly the last to have actually lived in a time when polio, measles, chicken pox, and a few other deadlies were still rampant, and it was common to hope for a vaccine, rather than refusing to get one. Now, there is no collective memory of such things.

    Another major factor is the new ability for instant communication from anywhere on the planet to almost anyone and everyone. It was never possible to fix stupid, but at least before "stupid" existed in fairly isolated pockets. Now there is a virtual crusade of stupid, led by malevolent actors who have unified "stupid" and given it a loud and commanding voice.

  • Challenge today is that the social media (Facebook and Twitter) help to spread of disinformation. Even those who are undecided would hesitate to get vaccinated. We saw that how social media heavily influenced the presidential election and the margins of victory was smaller than the polling data indicated. Social media is a communication tool. Wish they can be used to benefit this public health issue.
  • edited July 2021
    @Sven- yes sir, exactly what I was saying. Now all of "stupid" both talks to and reinforce each other.

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