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Some of Best ETF's

I do own MGV for a shortr time. I would appreciate any comments on what some of best for a future market.


  • edited June 2021
    Lots of ETFs out there. You might want to at least list a couple categories you are interested in like AA, LC, SC, EM...

    Excerpt: (BOLD added)

    ETF Select List®Log in to print ETF Select List®A Smart Way to Look for ETFs
    Confused about which Exchange Traded Funds are right for your portfolio? With over a thousand ETFs available and more coming out every week, choosing an ETF can seem more time-consuming and difficult than ever. Developed by the experts at Charles Schwab Investment Advisory, Inc. (CSIA), the ETF Select List® is a tool to help you narrow your choices and make confident investing decisions.
  • I can't write about other vendors, but those having Fidelity accounts have a decent format for sorting etf's.
    The below link has been placed previously, but remains another view for filtering etf's by category type. The site page is not set to any particular filter and is ready for your choices.

    ETF category filter
  • edited July 2021
    This list was a real help to me recently. Just enter fund’s symbol into favorite screener(s) and read your heart out.

    Personally, I find ETFs most useful for the fixed income products I might want to own. With rates so low, most bond / fixed income mutual funds’ fees take a terrible toll on net return. There’s at least a fighting chance with lower fee ETFs. That’s not to say there aren’t also some great equity ETFs.

    From OP- “some of best for a future market?” - I think we’d all like to know the answer to that one.

    Tell us what the future holds … :)

  • +1 hank Awesome list! Just be aware that the list includes Closed End Funds as well.
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