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Solid Advice

Hi Guys,

Seldom does a single article contain so much solid, actionable commentary as the one I’m about to recommend:

Please give it a few minutes of your time. I promise, you will enjoy it and learn much. There are very few articles that contain so many insightful observations. Profit from them!


  • Good find.
  • @MJG : I think needs to be in OFF_TOPIC .Have a nice Dads Day.
  • edited June 2021
    Surprise! Surprise! I am now informed by this brilliant piece of writing that a person’s public persona is often more admirable than their not-so-public side. I had no idea!

    @MJG - I don’t get it. On one hand you submit a post trivializing the ebb and flow of financial information and opinion (noise) - something most of us visit mfo to partake of. You call this “nothing.” Than you turn around and submit in the “Other Investing” category this trivial solicitous piece about Bill & Melinda’s marriage ending after 27 years, (longer than my own lasted) and Warren Buffet having experienced family problems.

    So … this completely off-topic deviation into the personal lives of well known financial heavy-weights is supposed to be somehow of importance to us as an investing community? But the trends in interest rates, inflation, equity valuations or central bank policies are of no consequence?

    Have a nice day. (and I agree with @Derf.)
  • Good article, thanks for posting. I was reminded of a book I read so long ago that I had completely forgot about it: What really prompted my recall is that he references the same story about Chris Rock. The overall theme of this book is similar to the 10,000 hour theory but with the idea that to be at the top of any field doesn’t just take hours, they have to be “deep work” hours, to steal from another motivational book.

    If you are a father, hope your kids called. They used to say more kids call on Mother’s Day but a larger percentage call collect on Father’s Day. My kids wouldn’t know what “call collect” means.
  • edited June 2021
    A local cable channel specializing in westerns-action movies (Wayne, Cruise, Willis et alia) ran a campaign last week along these lines, with explosions in the background:
    'Your kids drive in from out of town with the grandchildren, to see grandpa; wife makes reservation at the best steakhouse; you stay home for 10 hours of movies. The perfect Fathers' Day!'
  • I regret not calling my father on every Fathers Day after I left home for college. He passed away awhile back and these days we light a candle on every Fathers Day for him. My wife set an example for our family and calls her father even though they are not close at all.
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