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Hi Guys,

The study results have been consistent over much time and many huge studies. Women outperform men when investing. The reasons vary but this meaningful outcome is constant. So the better strategy is simple and obvious. Let your woman folk make investment decisions. Your portfolio will benefit. Here is a Link to one of the numerous studies that support the position that women make better investment decisions:

Well fellows, it’s time to retire from the investment game and let the womenfolk carry the torch. Good luck on executing that grand strategy. Best wishes to all.


  • ...Oops! What if "your woman" knows little and understands nothing about money and investing? And doesn't want to learn? Yup. Bad idea to give her the reins, then. In my case, if I'd done that, I'd be a pauper by now. They say "opposites attract." She's our Spender. I'm our Saver.
  • edited June 2021
    "...Demographic trends mean that women are controlling a greater share of financial wealth, since they live longer than male partners. At present, women control about 53% of investible assets; by 2030 this will rise to two-thirds, according to a study by the Family Wealth Advisors Council. ‘Making the industry more women-friendly has to be a clear priority,’ Jones says."

    Is the goal to manage money and grow it, or to make women feel comfortable? Wise decisions are key. Men trade much more often, says the article. That may be true. So, they're shooting themselves in the foot. Seems to me, however, that it's not gender that matters, but a thing called WISDOM. I just made my first and only trade in YEARS the other day, buying a VERY small position in a foreign electric utility company. *The most recent "Wealthtrack" show with Consuelo Mack featured Dan Rosenberg. Right now, he's suggesting UTILITIES because they are currently out of favor. (Gretzky: "I don't skate to the puck. I skate to where the puck is GOING TO BE.")
  • Women may very well "control it" by the simple device of outliving men, but all they are controlling at that age is the spending, not the generating.

    I'm sure that there may be a small number of elderly women who actively understand and enhance their income, but I'm betting that is a very small percentage indeed.
  • Hi Guys,

    Thank you for your comments.

    I was simply reporting the baseline conclusions from numerous studies. Statistically, women tend to outdistance men by a small margin when making investment decisions, That’s not my conclusion, that’s the data.

    In my household, I outperform my wife when making investment decisions. That’s a rare outcome since the reverse is true with regard to other important decisions. I married a very smart woman. Lucky me! No, a good decision; likely,the. best I ever made!
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