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Global Corporate Tax Rates

edited June 2021 in Other Investing
A global minimum corporate tax rate of 15% was agreed to at the G7 finance ministers' meeting this weekend.
Proponents of the deal hope to build unstoppable momentum going into the G20 meeting next month.
Many details still need to be resolved.
It will likely take several years before a deal is implemented if it is ratified.


  • It's checkenshit. Corps need to pay a FAIR share. 15% is a sell-out. Ireland continues to undercut the rest of the world at 12.5%. THIS Irishman thinks that's totally unethical. Sweetheart deals. Bad. Corps ought to be paying a high-end middle-class rate, AT LEAST. ....Oh, wait! Yes, that's where the rate was before--- at 38%. Jayzuz H. Christ. ....The claim will always be made that "corporations don't pay taxes; they just pass along the tax in the cost of their goods and services." Ah, but that is a specific business decision. It's not inevitable. Just because something CAN be done doesn't mean it SHOULD be done.
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