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Critical Thinking Recommendation

Hi Guys,

I have participated on this website since its beginning. During that time I have never made a buy recommendation. Today, I change that situation, although it is not related to a stock. Today, I recommend a book . It is “Critical Thinking in a Nutshell” by Thinknetic. It is a short book (like 109 pages), but it is a gem with many practical and useful insights. Please give a try. Applying some of its insights will likely help make you a more successful investor. Perhaps just a smarter investor. That’s a goal we all seek and often it avoids us.

Good luck with some smarter decisions. The marketplace is never easy given its unknowns and the unpredictable response of investors.


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    Yes. Critical thinking needs to be taught in school. It seems to me that the ones who are adept, catch on. Not the rest. Before I could go any further with a Philosophy Major in my Freshman year, LOGIC was a required course. Epistemology certainly helped to fine toon (sic) the ol' noggin', too. Start with simple syllogisms and it can get very hairy and precise! Learning to read between the lines is another skill which is quite helpful. Especially re: investing, since no value judgements are ever asserted. "Investing-ese" is an ethical-free language. Antiseptic on purpose. Yes, "reading between the lines," a key element in translating diplomatic speeches. And pay attention to what's NOT said, too.
  • Hi Crash,

    Thanks for your insightful post. Indeed, what is not said deserves special attention. How you say also important. Communicating exact feelings can be a challenging task and. misunderstandings can indeed compound problems. Proper communications is a skill that escapes even well educated folks. Of course we here have mastered that slippery skill! Yeh, good luck on that matter.
  • MJG =+1
  • Greetings : I didn't find the above mentioned book via inter library connection , but is available at Amazon.
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    @MJG- Hello there, and very nice to hear from you again... I hope that all is well with you.

    Your observation regarding "critical thinking" is well received, and also well timed.

    By coincidence, a good friend recently recommended an article which discusses the possible origins of the Covid virus. It is a magnificent example of the value of Critical Thinking, and I highly recommend it.

    By the way, just ignore the note at the bottom regarding cookies.

    Take care-
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