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Reuters is moving to subscriber-based


  • edited April 2021
    Thanks @Sven -

    Of course we all want Reuters and other news organizations to flourish. If charging is the answer, than so be it.

    I’ve not not been as impressed with Reuters as some other sources of news and information. Their daily newspaper goes for a bit less on Kindle ( $9.99 monthly) but nowhere near as good as the WSJ for which I pay nearly $30. Nor is it as good as the WP, NYT, or FT (MHO). While there’s too much right wing propaganda in the WSJ, there’s still enough substantive content to make it worth the cost - to me anyhow.

    With so many previously free services now charging it makes it difficult to make a selection. In fact - when you throw in music streaming and a few TV / movie services the costs rocket up. To find the time to use all the services one subscribes to is tough. Try listening to music, viewing a movie and reading two different newspapers all at the same time!

  • I don't mind paying within reason. Bloomberg wants too much and their quality of information is getting worse. Got subscription to Apple Plus and Barrons. Also contribute to VOX and NPR. BBC is still free though.

    Apple Plus provides access to Atlantics and National Geographic. Our public library have digital access to WSJ and Washington Post but not as easily done when I am traveling.
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