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Chinese vaccines don't have high protection rates

These vaccines generated an immune response, but the magnitude was not carefully studied over a wide range of patient. They were rushed to production.
Brazilian trials of the Sinovac vaccine CoronaVac for instance, showed an efficacy rate of around 50.4%, which is barely over the 50% threshold needed for regulatory approval by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Earlier they took swipe at Pfizer and Moderna vaccines during the trial study, and both worked out well that confirmed the earlier 90+% efficacy after the second booster shot.


  • I get my 2nd Pfizer dose on Saturday coming. Glad for it. No ill effects at all.
  • I am getting my 2nd Moderna vaccine this Friday. Very minor arm soreness on the first one. My family is close to all vaccinated. Testing so far indicated the mRNA vaccines will last at least 6 months since they have been given. In addition to the antibody being created against coronavirus, it also actives the T-cell in the body that should have even longer lasting protection.
  • @Sven- We also had just a little soreness on the first Moderna, but the second took us down pretty good- felt pretty rotten for about a day and a half. Good luck to you.
  • The second shot reaction is expected to be rougher since your body has created antibody to react with the vaccine. I will have the weekend to recover. I consider that is a small price to pay in order to protect my family members, coworkers and neighbors.
  • Yes, I think that you're absolutely correct.
  • Got my second shot. My arm is sore and perhaps a bit worse than the first one on day one. It seem to help by using ice pack to reduce pain and to alternate with a warm pack to increase circulation. No fever or other side effect so far.
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