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WSJ - Individual Investors Retreat from Markets

edited April 2021 in Other Investing
From The Wall Street Journal - April 5, 2021

Individual Investors Retreat From Markets After Show-Stopping Start to 2021

“Individual investors kicked off 2021 at a sprinter’s pace. Now, they are finally showing signs of fatigue. Trading activity among nonprofessional investors has slowed in recent weeks after a blockbuster start to the year, with the group plowing less money into everything from U.S. stocks to bullish call options. Daily average trades for at least two online brokerages have edged down from their 2021 highs. Across the industry, traffic to brokerage websites, as well as the amount of time spent on them, has fallen.

The decline in enthusiasm marks a sharp reversal from just a few months ago, when individual investors’ frenetic activity took center stage in financial markets. As shares of “meme stocks” soared in January, millions of small investors piled in, kicking an already robust retail-investing trend into overdrive. In a mania unlike anything market observers had ever seen, individual investors sent stocks like GameStop Corp. soaring, pushing brokerage platforms to the top of app-store rankings. Trading volume surged so much that many brokerages struggled to keep their platforms smoothly running.”

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  • In my mind the question is , How much was pulled due to RMD's?
    Just took last RMD, Derf
  • News Max article dated, Monday, 09 December 2019. HUH ??? Is the noted WSJ journal article of the same date?

    @Derf I presume you're writing about 2019 RMD, as 2020 did not require a RMD via Cares Act.
  • @catch22 : I assumed & I'm sure you know what that means ! I was thinking due to Mr.Market hitting new highs , older investor were taking 2021RMD's recently. I have a "taxing" question on RMD's , but will start a new thread on that soon.
  • edited April 2021
    Apologies for the earlier incorrect (News Max) reference. I was awaiting a flight back to Michigan in Charlotte earlier today when I posted that in haste. Did a lot of beach reading over the past week while in Hilton Head - but with Barron’s, the WP and WSJ hitting my Kindle on a regular basis, dates and sources of stories became a bit of a blur.

    I’ve corrected the original post, quoted from the WSJ article I’d meant to reference (April 5, 2021) and provided a link to a search result that might even get you in the back door if you’d like to read the article.
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