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How herd immunity works

Several simulated scenarios on herd immunity and virus mutation. The key point is to get at least 75% of the general population vaccinated and that is not easily done.


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    It is estimated that we'll reach herd immunity when 70% - 90% of the population is immune to Covid-19.
    People can obtain immunity via vaccination or Covid-19 infection/recovery.

    Bear in mind no vaccine is currently available for children under 16.
    Children and adolescents make up about 22% of the population according to Dr. Fauci.
    Dr. Fauci believes there could be enough information to be able to safely vaccinate children of virtually any age by the end of the year.
  • For now only Pfizer vaccine is FDA approved for age 16 and up. Moderna and J&J vaccines are approved for 18 and up. Trial testing for age 12 and up are ongoing and results will be completed by later this year. Hopefully, kids may return to schools in fall.

    It is the new variants that are more contagious that concern the general population. Fast pace of vaccination would help to reduce future infection. At some point, US need to help out other countries who are falling behind in their vaccination.
  • I don't believe that we will be seeing herd immunity anytime soon if at all. The linked article from the NY Times illustrates many of the issues/problems. I fail to understand.

    In Mississippi, 73,000 Vaccine Slots and Few Takers
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    From the article above,
    Nearly half of all Republican men and 40 percent of Republicans over all have said they do not plan to get vaccinated, according to several recent surveys. Those figures have barely budged in the months since vaccines first became available. By contrast, just 4 percent of Democrats have said they will not get the vaccine.
    This is the same group who do not practice face covering, washing hands, and social distancing. If that is their choice, they will likely to get infected and suffer serious health consequences including death.

    At some point when the Emergency Authorization Act expires, companies can impose COVID vaccination mandatory as part of requirement for employment. This will be no difference than vaccination requirement in order to attend public schools. Small pox was eradicated in US because of mass vaccination. I hope people would come to their sense that this is a public health issue, and nothing to do with politics.
  • I'm with Mark... I also don't believe that we will come anywhere near getting enough people inoculated to reach herd immunity.
  • At least there is lots of open land out west where they can accommodate another 500,000 graves per year.
  • edited April 2021
    Could be that it's just nature's way of culling the herd. Darwin would have been fascinated by this situation.
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    I know otherwise intelligent adults in my area who refuse to get vaccinated. I’ve never done Farsebook - but my understanding is that just about any fear or stupid belief you might hold can be “validated” by someone out there in Farceland.

    Darwinism is beyond their grasp. Suspect many are of the belief that the sun circles the earth.
  • Fortunately many institutions are exercising good common sense. Many universities are opening in this fall and COVID vaccination is mandatory! A friend's kid attending UCLA's graduate program was tested twice a week, daily temperature reading, and required to wear face covering at all time. The graduate dorm was reduced to single student. UCLA reinforced these rules - 3 strikes and the student is banned from the campus. Another friend's kid attending Purdue's medical school while interning at the COVID unit, she was vaccinated in January this year as soon as they were FDA approved.

    The adults in our household are nearly fully vaccinated and it required work to make the appointment. This summer our family will regain our freedom to travel safely. In the meantime we will continue to wear face mask in public places and avoid indoor mass gatherings.
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