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The National Debt

edited April 2021 in Off-Topic
John Oliver's insights on the national debt along with a little humor.
You may want to skip this video if you dislike profanity.


  • I actually watched that whole thing. No surprises. How about this: our national debt is totally and ridiculously excessive. But it wouldn't be, if the wealthy paid their FAIR share of taxes. That would entail a truly PROGRESSIVE tax code, not one in which the top rate is in the 30s. And how about SS? How many times does the Congress and the Senate need to hear Bernie say: "LIFT THE BLASTED CAP! REMOVE THE DAMN CAP!"

    ....And if the wealthy paid their fair share, it would bring the debt DOWN. But that alone would not be a panacea. Gov't spending needs to be cut down to size, too. And the way to do THAT is to stop spending massive ba-hooga-gonga-zillions of dollars on already-bloated items. ...Instead, let's have a REAL health care system. I'm rather pleased with my coverage and the cost to me is not excessive. Medicare is my primary. BC/BS is my secondary. But we could do even better, if we re-prioritize where the tax money goes. As for my prescription plan, well... THAT is one seriously monstrous piece of shit. It's a sell-out to the giant Pharmaceutical swindlers. So, I acquire what is practical for me via an outfit in Canada. THEY, in turn, get my drugs from all over the world. It's crazy. But I have my prescriptions. Don't even get me started about my out-of-pocket costs for the Janumet my doctor prescribed. At least we TRY to regulate the unethical scums who operate payday loan shops. What my drug plan wants me to pay for Janumet is truly criminal. So, my new doctor tells me he prefers a different way to treat my condition.

    Take a look at how many Bills are actually written by lobbyists who are paid by these legalized criminal corporations. Go to Wiki and have a look at ALEC.
  • Thanks Observant1. I happened on it on YouTube earlier today. Also saw Stephanie Kelton on the news but feel I need to dig deeper to really understand.
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