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Putnam PanAgora Market Neutral Fund to liquidate

497 1 a_pmnsupp.htm PUTNAM INVESTMENT FUNDS
Prospectus Supplement March 26, 2021

Putnam PanAgora Market Neutral Fund
Prospectuses dated December 30, 2020, as supplemented

At a meeting held on March 26, 2021, the Board of Trustees of Putnam PanAgora Market Neutral Fund (the “Fund”) approved a plan to liquidate the Fund (the “Plan”) upon recommendation by Putnam Investment Management, LLC, the Fund’s investment adviser. The liquidation of the Fund is expected to occur on or about May 21, 2021 (the “Liquidation Date”), although the Fund may make dispositions of portfolio holdings prior to the Liquidation Date.

Effective as of April 26, 2021, the Fund will be closed to new purchases, other than the automatic reinvestment of dividends, in anticipation of the liquidation. Shareholders can redeem their shares from the Fund at any time on or before the close of business on May 21, 2021 at the then-current net asset value.

As soon as reasonably practicable after the Liquidation Date, after the payment of (or provision for) all charges, taxes, expenses and liabilities, whether due or accrued or anticipated, of the Fund, and after determination of any dividend(s) to be paid pursuant to the Plan, the Fund will liquidate its remaining assets and distribute cash pro rata to all remaining shareholders as of May 21, 2021 who have not previously redeemed all of their Fund shares or exchanged their Fund shares for those of another Putnam fund.

Shareholders should consult their tax advisors about the tax implications of the liquidation of the Fund.

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