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HC Richardson 21 March, 2021

Conclusion of today's missive:
"...As Justice Elena Kagan points out, the "nondelegation doctrine" would mean that “most of Government is unconstitutional.”

But that, of course, is the point. We are caught up in a struggle between two ideologies: one saying that the government has a significant role to play in keeping the playing field level in the American economy and society, and the other saying it does not

Ya. One side says greed and exploitation should simply be accepted and employed by those with money and power. The other side thinks people deserve to be shielded from that shit. I don't argue that we poor snowflakes are helpless and should not act like adults and learn to stand up for ourselves, or even be shielded from all things unpleasant. But I do believe people deserve better than to serve as victims or potential victims of those who would "dance on the faces" of the vast majority of the rest of us. (A reference to George Orwell. Which is why, so he said--- he is a socialist.)
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