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Buffett says 'never bet against America' in letter noting company's U.S. assets

edited February 2021 in Other Investing
Buffett says 'never bet against America' in letter noting company's U.S. assets|

Not sure he is correct
Maybe best have diverse portfolio in these markets conditions


    Also related
    Maybe good to look at these vehicles that they added recently and also buy them
  • edited February 2021
    I tend to go along with the Capital Group's approach that many 'American' companies earn substantial revenues from overseas, so you don't necessarily need to formally look overseas to find 'overseas exposure' in your portfolios. So in that regard, I guess you could say Warren is still correct -- but it comes across as a bit of an anachronistic sentiment these days, maybe?
  • edited February 2021
    Don't bet against him/market
    Keep buying brk.b & dji sp500 Nasdaq
    Also contribute 25-30% overseas eu

    You maybe laughing your ways to bank 10 20 yrs from today.
  • My thinking is with rforno on this one. I hold nothing in a dedicated foreign fund leaving whatever foreign stock(s) I hold up to the judgement of my mutual fund managers. I don't bet against Buffett but I do hold a more broadly diversified portfolio.
  • edited March 2021
    There is a lot more information in Buffett's interview with respect to bonds in general.
    “Bonds are not the place to be these days,” Buffett said. “Fixed-income investors worldwide – whether pension funds, insurance companies or retirees – face a bleak future.”

    Buffett noted that the benchmark 10-year Treasury yield had fallen drastically to 0.93% at the end of 2020 from 15.8% in September 1981. Meanwhile, investors earn a negative return on trillions of dollars of sovereign debt in Germany and Japan, he added.
    If US investment opportunties are so great, why is he buying back $9 billion worth of Berkshire Hathaway stock? The answer is that he have had hard time buying them within his metrics and this is consistent with his investment pattern for a number of years. Recent purchase in drug and telecommunication stocks is a reflection of his forward looking view in post-pandemic scenario.

    In addition, Buffet also made many mistakes just like other investors or fund managers. His value investment approach exposes him to the value-trap stocks. At least he owed up to his mistakes and moved on.
  • Just noticed that Morningstar classes BRK as an "Agressive Growth" stock!
  • M* is off. Besides Apple being the largest holding, BRK have lots of financial, consumer staple and transportation stocks which are value stocks. Perhaps a better fit would be a modest growth stock.
  • M* continues to list it as a "financial" sector asset. Nothing further from the truth. It's value does not depend on the Insurance company
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