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Asking the class..."More of, less of" What say you?

More of: Charlie Munger, Matthew McLellan, First Eagle, David Giroux, T Rowe, Gundlach, Doubleline, George Cipollini, Penn Mutual, Jason Trennert, Paul McCulley, ex-Pimco

Less of: Cathie Wood, Elon Musk, Vlad at RobinHood, WallstreetBets, Portnoy, Barstool sports, commercials for gambling during sporting event TV, draftkings, etc., Spacs, investing in mutual funds and companies that indirectly fund regimes/countries who build weaponry to bring harm to our troops and contractors. Please, all of you, just go away.


Baseball Fan


  • Less Vlad but more Portnoy. Diamond hands here!!!!!!! Need some Tendies. Advice is to HODL. No paper hands.

    Sorry Baseball...couldn’t resist. Cheers.
  • Good stuff Mr Galt!

  • More balls in play. Less three "true" outcomes.
    More Cardinal runs. Less runs for their opponents.
    More minor league play. Less alternate training facility black box.
  • edited February 2021
    - More troops with live amo defending nation’s capital and elected officials against violent attack from domestic-bred terrorists. You attack. We shoot.

    - Less time (0 recommended) of CNN “interviewing” on TV spokesmen for groups so disposed.

    A despicable grab for ratings.
  • @ Wabac, +1, would add, Less of: bat flipping punks, play the game the right way, show respect to your opponents

    @ Hank, +1, would add: Less of rioters, looters, rioters, car jackers, clowns walking around with assault weapons like Rambo in public, easy out of jail under new "catch and release" uber lib attitude of prosecutors, lock them up!

    Best to all,

    Baseball Fan
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