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2021 Global Multi-Asset Outlook Webinar

edited February 2021 in The Bullpen
Global outlook from T. Rowe Price. Good perspectives on risk on/off and COVID-19 on/off scenario and how to position your portfolio going into 2021.
David Eiswert, Global Stock Portfolio Manager, joined Sébastien Page, Head of Multi-Asset, and moderator Chris Dillon to discuss market risks, opportunities, and tactical positioning identified in the 2021 Global Multi-Asset Outlook.

The year ahead will likely be defined by how quickly vaccines can combat COVID-19’s spread and unlock the global economy.
The global recovery will create a broadening of investment opportunities and rotation toward more cyclically oriented regions and sectors.

Post-pandemic winners and losers will emerge as consumers, businesses, and economies adapt to the new environment.

Also this webinar overlaps with @bee's posting on Sebastien Page (WealthTrack).
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