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Early Saturday, 20th Feb: TRP website F***ed up.

edited February 2021 in The Bullpen
Just tried to make a small switch. Not my IRA page. It was on the "Workplace Retirement" webpage. The way they have that webpage arranged, it must have been put together by an alien life form, I swear. Anyhow, tried simply to switch a bit of money from one fund to another. No-go. Then I tried to send them a message via their own messaging system. The tool would not even let me do THAT, telling me that only letters, numbers, and special characters could be used. (What else IS there?) ...If the webpage is down for maintenance, they should TELL us that! If it's seriously screwed-up, they should provide a message which informs us of THAT! AAAAaaaarrrrgggghhhh!!!!!!!!!

.....Edited to add: on the TRP IRA website, I just now accomplished the switch, no problem. Without a hitch. What does THAT say?
...............OK, got it done, after doing everything that common sense would tell you NOT to do. Jayzuz.
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