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Anyone having trouble acessing accounts at Schwab ?

I tried twice and no entry at this time.
Tax info came out, so maybe the system is sloooow .
Stay Safe, Derf


  • Many brokerages are running slow due to the tax season. One would think they would beef up the bandwidth capability especially in the pandemic when the offices are closed. You may try again after business hours. Using the brokerage's app on cell phones would work too.
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    Saw tax paper emails from Vanguard this morning.
    I remember last few yrs most firms have everything after mid late feb
    We did attain final papers 1099 in schwab this morning

    Maybe Mr Derf broke their records in terms of earnings so they have to be very careful/ recalculations to prevent irs issues before postings.....I am glad gor you Mr Derf:)
  • Just came across this :

    Due to severe weather and power outages impacting our service professionals in parts of the country, we're currently experiencing higher-than-normal call and chat hold times. You can for answers to common questions regarding the transfer of assets, trading and margin, tax and account maintenance.

    Maybe the weather is the problem or caused the problem ?
  • I needed to speak with someone at Schwab last night regarding a rollover IRA from a previous employer and never got through on the phone. So, I decided to try their online chat and was in the queue for around an hour before I went live with someone.
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    Same I called Vanguard yesterday waiting was 130 mins
    So hanged up and will try another day
    It's like calling IRS
  • I was having issues as well and called in only to be on hold for 45 mins before hanging up. I assumed it was perhaps issues in Texas? Not sure
  • edited February 2021
    Yup. Can't get into the website this afternoon but the mobile app is fine. Used to have this problem once every few weeks.

    I've been with them since October ... between emails that go *weeks* before a response and 45 minute hold times, and now an inability to get into the website on a normal day, I'm wondering if I made the right choice moving from TD to Schwab or if I should be starting to look elsewhere. (I do like their internal site, though)
  • Whatever you folks are experiencing is something quite new. I've used Schwab for many years and never had any issues until recently, when logging in became flaky. It's been better, at least from here, in the last couple of weeks.

    I experienced similar problems recently in attempting to obtain an additional CD from First Republic Bank, which is normally very responsive. It took several weeks to get a reply from the local branch two blocks from our home. Finally the branch manager replied, apologizing for the situation, which she attributed to issues associated with the staff working from home because of the Covid situation.

    Additionally, Hartford renewed our auto coverage and homeowner's coverage on our weekend place, but failed to renew coverage on the SF home. Upon inquiry we were told that because of technical problems involved with working remotely they had been unable to renew the SF coverage, and needed to re-write a new policy (with the same coverage and costs), which they did within a few weeks. Sounds like maybe some computer data sort of disappeared.

    So perhaps patience is indicated here, at least to some extent.

  • edited February 2021
    Price was experiencing long wait times last week (15-25 minutes). Web-site was fine. Phone message referenced “higher than normal call volume.” Once they picked up however the service was great. I’ll cut them some slack as imagine many are working at home due to Covid.

    Curious if there was anything last week that prompted that high call volume? Tax questions maybe?
  • Vanguard released the 1099 last week, almost a week ahead! Fidelity had theirs several weeks earlier and the paper copy just arrived yesterday. So relax tax season always keep the brokerages very busy. I like to downloaded the electronic ones as soon as they are posted online.
  • I wonder how much of these CSR delays are RobinHooders flocking to open new accounts elsewhere and/or people calling to ask basic questions about investing and where-is-my-2020-1099-for-the-GameStop-that-I-traded-last-week. ;)
  • The young men who committed suicide cannot get a return call. These shops have hardly any customer support let alone having call centers. Slow response and long wait time are mild comparing to these shops.
  • Sven said:

    The young men who committed suicide cannot get a return call. These shops have hardly any customer support let alone having call centers. Slow response and long wait time are mild comparing to these shops.

    I read Schwab axed 200 the other day. Hope they weren't from the customer-facing side of things.

    The young man who killed himself, it's a shame, yes. I recall hearing the story, but I can't help wondering if he knew what he was getting into and/or doing before he put money into the markets. I've had system hiccups tell me I'm in deep margin-call land and while it freaked me out to see, it got resolved fairly quickly ... but of course, if he could never reach anyone to ask about his account, I totally agree that's also a problem.

    I wonder if this chaos will swing the pendulum back toward some type of commission and away from payment-for-order-flow that allows the manias of zero-cost trading. I don't mind paying 5 or 10 bucks for a few hundred share stock trade ... it's far better than the $200 I fork over at a full-service wirehouse! (which is why that account is mostly hands-off for long-term wealth building)
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