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Tracking the Berkshire Hathaway Portfolio

For those of you who like to study information like this. I found it a bit of a surprise that their top three holdings are at ~63% of the entire portfolio although Mr. Buffett has often mused that diversification is for wimps.

Portfolio end of quarter 4, 2020


  • Here's a bit of additional information excerpted from a recent article in the WSJ:
    The billionaire Warren Buffett added two more big, American brands to Berkshire Hathaway Inc.’s investment portfolio.

    Mr. Buffett’s conglomerate has purchased $8.6 billion in stock in Verizon Communications Inc., the largest U.S. mobile carrier, and $4.1 billion in Chevron Corp. according to a snapshot of investments held in the quarter ended Dec. 31.

    In 2020, Chevron had its worst year since 2016, and Verizon’s fourth-quarter profit fell after it booked higher costs and gained fewer new customers than usual.

    It isn’t clear whether Mr. Buffett made the decision to invest in the two firms or if the decision was made by Berkshire money managers Todd Combs and Ted Weschler. The two are expected to take over all of Berkshire’s investments once Mr. Buffett is no longer in the top job.

    Berkshire adjusted some of its drugmaker investments bets. The conglomerate sold off its $136 million investment in the Covid-19 vaccine maker Pfizer Inc., while increasing stakes in the pharmaceutical brands AbbVie Inc., Merck & Co. and Bristol Myers Squibb Co.

    It also continued to cut back from financial firms, selling off its remaining $93 million investment in JPMorgan Chase & Co., and whittling away at its stake in Wells Fargo & Co. by $1.4 billion.

    Last year Berkshire Hathaway sold stakes in airlines, including United Airlines Holdings Inc., American Airlines Group Inc., Delta Air Lines Inc. and Southwest Airlines Co. Mr. Buffett said he thought consumer behavior regarding travel had changed for the long term.
    Additionally, I believe that in the past few days I read an article reporting that Berkshire had significantly cut back it's investments in Apple, but I'm unable to locate that source at this time.
  • edited February 2021
    I read that too, but Apple remains the largest holding in Berkshire Hathaway.

    Look like he is taking profit from Apple and rotating into other value stocks. Trimming long held positions in Wells Fargo and JP Morgan indicates he is more flexible than in the past. Perhaps this came from his money managers. Selling all leisure/airline stocks is a good call and some of them are trending downward from the low of March 2020. His managers are very savvy investors.
  • edited February 2021
    He is old but still Sharp as a knife
    We still have large portions of our monies in his portfolio
    Brk.b is one of longer funds we hold

    We do still hold gld, 20s% down since past 9 months
    Gld may Appear attractive again (long term)
  • Gold peaked at $1,900 per ounce in September and now at below $1,800. Inflation is at 2%, so gold holds little value as a hedge. Buffet is a master in his trading.
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