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  • Sven February 2021
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Parents detail son's desperate attempts to contact Robinhood before he killed himself

edited February 2021 in Other Investing
Just sad:
After their son's death, Dan and Dorothy Kearns said they were horrified to learn that their panicked 20-year-old repeatedly tried and failed to get in touch with Robinhood about his negative account balance of $730,000.

College student Alex Kearns mistakenly believed he owed that staggering sum of money and took his own life last June after his desperate pleas to Robinhood went unanswered, according to his family. Alex left a note that signaled confusion about his negative Robinhood balance....


  • edited February 2021
    Wonder if the RH brokerage is held responsible for allowing Alex to open an account even though he has no income?

    Also RH has no phone support that could have prevented this tragedy.
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