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Portfolio Fun...

Some of us have investments that are unique to the MO Boards and considered outliers by most. List 1-2 that you own and what you like about it...

I'll start - MCSMX (Matthews China Small Companies).
YEs, the performance is outstanding, it's relatively expensive, volatile and limited access by analysts etc...I just find this a fascinating part of the International Markets. Getting in on possibly the next JANT-like company also intrigues me.


  • I presume your notation, "Getting in on possibly the next JANT-like company also intrigues me", may be inferred as being "talked about", yes?
  • @catch22 - sure! Just an interesting space whether one talks or invests in it.
  • I owned some Matthews years ago. A very bad customer service experience--- with one of the SENIOR guys--- caused me to empty my account with them. I still have faith in Teresa Kong at MAINX. I track that one, and MAPIX, because they're in a friend's portfolio--- which I've been babysitting since 2010. ...As for my current holdings, I've got nothing terribly unconventional. I just sold some shares which amount to 2.62% of our total holdings. Good time to do it, with Markets at or near a top, day after day. It is ALL profit! This time, I spread out the withdrawal between a few funds we own. Wifey wants a house to retire to, and for her family to use over there, between now and then. A house for $6,000? And you'll be satisfied with that? "Sure, ok." 2 storeys, sliding glass door, balcony, great view of the surrounding hills. It's out in the country, in her old barrio, where she grew up.
  • beebee
    edited February 2021, ALIBABA, NIO, TENCENT... maybe

  • As an 'merican, you can't really own those stocks can you? Aren't you really owning a holding company? What's the deal, do you trust all that?

    Not for me, good luck to all,

    Baseball fan
  • Quote... variable interest entity....

    Not for me

    Baseball fan
  • Foreign investors meaning mericans have little to no explicit recourse should it become politicaly expedient to invalidate the structure of your " investment" in these VIUs

    Haven't even mentioned the plethora, excuse me alledegedly plethora of fakes and counterfeit goods sold thru some of these companies

    What's wrong with investing in msft, jnj, want, aapl, googl...oh valuations you say? Ya gotta be sheeting me...if you were concerned about that you'd be all tbills and cash

    I don't claim to know anything about anything, do your own due diligence

    Baseball Fan
  • TGGFX PFOAX GSGIX Diversified in case 1 blows up! SHSAX more sedate health care fund with low minimums at Schwab.
  • Well as you can see from the posts youre holdings in China arent so out of the ordinary.... I have a similar Asian focused theme for international with holdings in FSEAX, MATFX, CHIQ...also hold MIOPX with a signif Asian concentration....
  • CHIQ looks interesting...Initially, I thought investing in a particular style/market cap would be a good/unique opportunity.
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