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  • edited February 2021
    Thanks for the share. I cannot believe Immelt was able to write these words describing a co-worker in his book “and lacked what I can only describe as a C.E.O.’s intuition,” Mr. Immelt writes

    His lack of “intuition” cost many stockholders and employees a lot of money. I think the NYT writer misses a very important point to the story... who hand selected Immelt? The much celebrated Jack Welch. Surely there’s some self reflection needed in that decision. Edit... writer mentions he was hand selected by Welch and he lost faith in him... but I’ve always wondered why that wasn’t criticized more. If I recall, the job was between Immelt and another Exec of the Co. Welch chose Immelt.

    Disclosure: Two stocks I used to own and lost a fair amount in... GE and PFE. I still can’t bring myself to ever buy them again... and you can see how well they have performed of recent.
  • The chase-plane affair tells you everything you need to know about Immelt !
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