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MFO Rating Updates/Changes - Filter or Report

When MFO Premium updates the MFO ratings for all funds... is there a search filter or report that shows which funds were upgraded/downgraded or which funds had rating changes? I couldn't find that question in the search.


  • edited March 2021
    Hi Jon. Nope. But that's a good one. For example, new GOs, old GOs. Ditto with Three Alarm. Perhaps last month's MFO Rating? Will noodle.

    In this month's update, I notice DODIX is back as a GO, after a short hiatus.

    There is a lot of historical info, like Calendar Year ratings, back to 1960, as applicable. And, some unique evaluation period, like listed below, which may provide some insight.

    Another subscriber recently asked about a metric that evaluated near-term (like 3 month trend) versus long term (like 5-10 years), which I find interesting.

    Thank you though for the suggestion ... subscribers get a month free each time they offer a good suggestion or catch something amiss.


    Some unique evalation period on MFO Premium's MultiSearch tool:

    Full 1 [Vietnam] - 196812 To 197212
    Full 2 [OPEC-Reagan] - 197301 To 198708
    Full 3 [Black Monday-Clinton] - 198709 To 200008
    Full 4 [Dotcom Bubble] - 200009 To 200710
    Full 5 [GFC] - 200711 To 201912
    Full 6 [CV-19] - 202001 To 202101
    QE 1 - 200812 To 201003
    QE 2 - 201206 To 201312
    Normalization - 201601 To 201812
    ZIRP - 200812 To 201512
    Obama Bull - 200903 To 201612
    Trump Bump - 201701 To 201912
    Dec '18 Selloff - 201812 To 201812
    CV-19 Bear - 202001 To 202003
    QE Inf - 202004 To 202101
    Irrational - 200003 To 202101
  • Thanks for responding. Love the MFO premium. Appreciate the feedback on the suggestion.
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