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Brief History of Right-Wing Extremism

edited January 2021 in Off-Topic
"Right-wing terrorism in American has very deep roots, and those roots have grown since the 1990s as Republican rhetorical attacks on the federal government have fed them.
The January 6 assault on the Capitol is not an aberration.
It has been coming for a very long time."


  • Thanks. I follow Heather's writing as well.

    Over the summer It was unnerving to see protestors carrying firearms in Michigan's state capitol. It is more than sheer intimidation to the lawmakers, especially with what is coming out from the WH.
  • I'm very concerned about what may transpire in the coming days.
    There are many disgruntled citizens who actually believe the presidential election was "stolen".
    Neo-nazi groups are also trying to take advantage of the situation and start a race war.
    Many of these folks have firearms and are prone to violence.
  • IMHO not only prone to violence but encouraged into it by the current white house occupant. Also his insistence in bellowing about a fake media, promulgating nonsense conspiracy theories and pathologically lying doesn't help.
  • edited January 2021
    I feel the same that many of these people have been lied to especially in the last 4 years. These lies are further reinforced by the inaction of the administration. When the lies are repeated over and over again, they become the truth. What is happening now parallels the Joseph Goebbel's propaganda strategy who contributed to the rise of Nazi. Now we are seeing that effect on the large number of population who do not trust the government and voting process. The spread of disinformation aimed directly to our democracy while trying to overturn the will of people is totally against the constitution.

    The banning of social media (Twitter, Facebook and others) on Trump and violent is working to reduce the level of disinformation being spread. Google is removing Trump's YouTube channel.

    The failure to protect the Capital in DC adequately points directly to Homeland Security, FBI and DC police department. There were ample evidences something big will happened on that day. But there were inadequate security put around the building which is stark contrast to the BLM protest in July. Situation could gone really bad that day. I do hope this is wake up call to these agencies on domestic terrorism. A thorough investigation similar to September 11th event would help to shore up the failures in order to protect our lawmakers.
  • It is unnerving, indeed. The willful blindness. Living in an amoral or immoral world of their own. I have been reading reports of "fractures" within the Repugnant Party. But is any of it actually TRUE? Just look at that 2nd chart about the Trumpster's approval rating among Repugnants, eh?
  • edited January 2021
    Trump's overall job approval rating was 34% according to a recent Gallup poll.
    His job approval rating by Republicans was 82% in the same poll. Link

    The Pew Research Center indicates that 68% of U.S. adults disapprove of the way Trump
    is handling is job while 29% approve of his job performance. Pew states that 60% of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents approve of Trump's job performance. Link

    Trump's recent job approval ratings are the lowest during his presidency.
    Although Trump's ratings have declined among Republicans, I'm very disappointed that so many still approve of his performance after recent events.
  • Half of Republicans claim to believe Antifa was really responsible for the rightwing terrorist attack on the Capitol.
  • edited January 2021
    The New Yorker's recently released video footage of the siege was extremely disconcerting. Video
  • Wow! Of course we've all seen other footage of that event, but the depth and clarity of this video is exceptional. This is the first video that we've seen with an audio track, and that really brings home the intensity and atmosphere of the riot.

    I thought that the approach of that one policeman, outnumbered four or five to one, keeping his cool, trying to talk down the tension level and prevent damage in the Senate chamber was exceptionally good reporting.
  • crazy-ass people.
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