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For those who hold ARK etf's, Institutional Holders list

edited January 2021 in The Bullpen
One may wonder whether the smaller investors, via Robinhood type accounts are pushing prices for ARK funds. Well, perhaps this is some of the hot money.
The below link is for the Genomics etf, ARKG. You may see a popup asking about a subscription, click this closed. You will still be able to scroll down to view which institutions hold this etf.
You will also see a list of all ARK funds (in blue) that are clickable to discover the institutional holders for those funds.
We continue to hold ARKG, as we remain inclined towards technology in general; and more so towards bio-med and robotics. Do the screaming prices for many ARK funds cause a big twitch for us? Yes. But, in particular; the Genomics sector at a time when this area may continue to find strength due to COVID and all of the other areas related to disease. We've maintained a particular interest in CRISPR innovation over the past several years. We also have continued interest in nano-bot technology, but have not discovered a more pure play in this area. Although, some of this area may be within some of these companies within ARKG.
Anyways, we hope the info will be of value. And YES, hold onto something solid if you have positions or plan to have positions in ARK funds; as a fickle market of profit takers may fully front run we small investors.

ARKG Institutional Holders

I placed this link a month ago, but will place again. This is not the standard bar chart; and shows data in a different form. There are also "SEE MORE" clickable buttons for a bit more data. Price performance is an interesting data view area. This is set for ARKG, but one may place any ticker in the box near the top left of the page.

ARKG Barchart Overview

Take care,
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