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ARK Investing ETFs: Interview with Cathy Wood

Problem Solving Portfolios:
“Disruptive innovation is often not priced correctly by traditional investment strategies because people may not understand how big the ultimate opportunities are going to be. They aren’t sizing the opportunity and they aren’t analyzing the disruption.”


  • beebee
    edited December 2020

    - Ark ETFs are actively managed ETFs.

    -The concept of "cash-like equities" is mentioned by Ms Woods.

    What are your cash like equity mutual funds?

    -Tesla's future aims at Autonomous Taxi Services.

    -Bitcoin is the flight to safety currency in Cryptocurrency space. Large gains will be captured by the IRS, not the individual investor.

    -Social Media continues to be an important part of modern day financial services.

    -Capitalizing on how the world is changing:
    - Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Energy Storage, DNA Sequencing & The Blockchain.
    - Quantum Computing
  • Eye-watering!

    It has five funds returning more than 100% from April thru November … six, if you count the one it sub-advises ... see here.

    Five of its funds have returned more than 80% YTD!

  • Yes, it's all sunshine, sea shells and balloons...until it all comes crashing down as reality sets in..

    Absolutely frightening as to how it all mirrors almost exactly all the BS that was going around in the late 90' paradigm, you don't understand, new guru's, TAM, total addressable market size, 20 year olds driving Porsche 911's, excuse me now Tesla's, smoking cigars riding around in Limo's, excuse me, Uber Black, blah blah blah.

    What do I know though...I spend a lot of time in Silicon Valley back in the mid to late 90;'s...went out to dinner after making sales calls all day to biotech and semi companies...drove around and saw companies with overflowing parking lots...if you called on Applied Materials you had to park 3 blocks down the street to find parking, some engineers had their desks in old closets as that is the only place they had room...all kind of jobs, folks making things, designing

    Oh, what's that, the fund is down 83% in 5 months, you don't say? Get your popcorn ready, the show is going to be epic!

    Merry Christmas, Good health and Good luck to all,


  • edited December 2020

    Yep, I get that. But, we have to give them a nod for what they've done so far. They sure got it right ... six years worth.

    Four MFO Great Owls (all those older than 3 years). Four on MFO Honor Roll (all older than five years).

    They are top quintile in both absolute and risk adjusted return; in fact, three rank #1 in absolute return and one ranks #2 in their respective categories.

    Waxed peers by double digits ... per year!

    ARKW has delivered 43.1% annualized for the past 6.2 years ... with only 18% drawdown. That level of compounded return is an incredible number!

    Here's table of four oldest funds since launch through November.

  • Also have unusual levels of transparency even for an ETF, as you can subscribe to receive daily detail of trades for each fund. May be more useful to a trader following trends, but is interesting just to observe process of scaling in and out of positions.
  • ARK Innovation ETF is discussed in the following blog post.
    Other "hot" funds from the past are also mentioned.
    A Short History of Chasing The Best Performing Funds
  • edited December 2020

    Just to be clear, the ARKW return I quoted above is a annualized (conceptual) number, but here are the actual calendar year returns:

     YTD - 136.0% (thru Nov)
    2019 - 35.8%
    2018 - 16.8%
    2017 - 90.4%
    2016 - 8.7%
    2015 - 15.3%

    That is one impressive run! Bet it scores well with Ferguson Metrics.
  • edited December 2020


    Nice article by Ben Carlson, as usual. Thanks for sharing.

    I'd add Bruce Berkowitz and the Fairholme Fund FAIRX to that list.

    And Bill Miller of Legg Mason Opportunity Fund LMOPX.

    There is also a fund company in SF that publishes the NoLoad FundX Newsletter, which is good. And they employ a hot fund chasing strategy in FUNDX. But it too has had years of over-performance followed by years of under-performance.

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