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The Making of Biden's Superfast Push for Clean Electricity



  • ...while Biden's $2 trillion-plus infrastructure plan aims for tectonic shifts throughout the economy, its success will depend mostly on cleaning up the grid even faster. This is partly because electricity is the only sector with clean, cheap and effective alternatives to fossil fuels that are already expanding their market share. And it's partly because clean electricity will magnify the climate benefits of electrifying sectors like transportation in the future. “The power sector still has the lowest-hanging fruit,” said Ed Crooks, vice chair for the Americas at the energy consultancy Wood Mackenzie. “The rest of the economy looks a lot more challenging.”
    Biden's sweeping climate goal comes down to one thing
  • As mentioned in the article it's good to have an administration listening to the experts and at least attempting to turn the ocean liner.
  • We are making progress & will continue to - it's in the nature of being Human (sometimes slow and other times fast) - whether we accept it or not due to the color of glass we wear. For shout out loud, we are flying Helicopter on MARS (Voyager 1 & 2 launched in 70s still communicating with NASA close to exiting our Solar system). Trillion $$$$ companies are not going to stop decarbonizing. We are all enabling them by investing in them.
  • I applaud the concept, and the timeline. Didn't JFK dare the US to put someone on the moon "within the decade?" It was about advancement--- and the Cold War. But these days, the biggest enemy is ourselves. Pogo: "We have met the enemy, and he is us." If we knew better, or had the political will to act against climate change earlier, we might not be in such dire straights today. But here we are: still collectively unable to get out of our own way. Because of vested interests. The human condition. Theologically, it's called SIN. Thus, the urgency. ...No, solar power will not work extremely well in Presque Isle, Maine. (Isn't that where Sen. Susan Collins is from?) Or Minnesota. But solar could be expanded greatly from where it stands today. Here in our (Hawaii) apartment building, we are on 100% solar--- on the cloudier and wetter side of Oahu. And no matter where you go, whether here or on the Mainland, there's never enough electric car chargers. How about a few hundred thousand more of THEM? How about we make that stuff and treat it as a UTILITY, not a marketable commodity. (Like the way the INTERNET should be treated--- as a utility, not a commodity.) What seems obvious to me is that we must do all we can, wherever we can. Boulder is not Birmingham. Buffalo is not Butte. Honolulu is not Hibbing. Ya. Next question?
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