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the MFO December issue

Is, of course, live now.

The Rondure Overseas fund strikes me as sneaky good. Morningstar rates it as three stars which does not capture the risk-reward asymmetry very well. Returns over time trail their peers by a little (0.2% per annum) but its risk metrics are #1 or #2 in a 140 fund peer group.

We had a Launch Alert for the Wasatch Greater China Fund cued up, but had three questions for Wasatch before we ran it. Their answers arrived December 2nd. I'll share the Alert in January.

The arguments for leadership transitions seem pretty compelling and substantiated in October and November's performance. That suggests foreign, value and small might rebound. (No, I don't have a guess about how long the rebound will last.)

Lynn's pieces on crafting portfolios designed to survive decades rather than months, strike me as incredibly thoughtful.

In short, stuff. I hope you find some of it to be of interest.
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