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Allianz Funds Multi-Strategy Trust liquidates several funds

497 1 d199116d497.htm FORM 497
Filed pursuant to Rule 497(e)
File Nos. 333-148624 and 811-22167


Supplement Dated November 13, 2020 to the

Statutory Prospectus for Class A, Class C, Class R,

Institutional Class, Class R6, Class P and Administrative Class

Shares of Allianz Funds Multi-Strategy Trust,

Dated February 1, 2020 (as supplemented thereafter)

The Board of Trustees of Allianz Funds Multi-Strategy Trust (the “Trust”) has approved the liquidation of the following series of the Trust:

Fund Name (see link for table and additional information)

Effective Date
AllianzGI Emerging Markets Small Cap Fund - November 18, 2020*
AllianzGI Green Bond Fund - December 14, 2020*
AllianzGI Best Styles Global Equity Fund - December 14, 2020*
AllianzGI Multi Asset Income Fund - December 14, 2020*
AllianzGI PerformanceFee Managed Futures Strategy Fund - December 14, 2020*
AllianzGI PerformanceFee Structured US Equity Fund -December 14, 2020
AllianzGI Short Term Bond Fund - December 14, 2020*
AllianzGI Structured Return Fund - December 14, 2020

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