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Goldman Sachs Imprint Emerging Markets Opportunities Fund reorganization

(see link for table)

497 1 d61769d497.htm GOLDMAN SACHS TRUST

Goldman Sachs Fundamental Emerging Markets Equity Funds

Class A, Class C, Institutional, Investor, Class R6, and Class P Shares

of the Goldman Sachs Imprint Emerging Markets Opportunities Fund

Supplement dated October 16, 2020 to the

Prospectuses and Summary Prospectuses, each dated February 28, 2020, each as supplemented to date

The Board of Trustees of the Goldman Sachs Trust (“Board”) has approved an Agreement and Plan of Reorganization (the “Plan”) which contemplates the reorganization of the Goldman Sachs Imprint Emerging Markets Opportunities Fund (the “Acquired Fund”) with and into the Goldman Sachs ESG Emerging Markets Equity Fund (the “Surviving Fund” and, together with the Acquired Fund, the “Funds”). The reorganization was recommended by the Funds’ investment adviser, Goldman Sachs Asset Management, L.P. (the “Investment Adviser”), because it believes that the reorganization: (i) would rationalize Funds that have the same investment objective and similar investment strategies (albeit with some notable differences); (ii) may provide enhanced opportunities to realize greater efficiencies in the form of lower total operating expenses over time; and (iii) would enable the combined Fund to be better positioned for asset growth.

Under the terms of the Plan, the Acquired Fund will transfer all of its assets to the Surviving Fund and the Surviving Fund will assume all of the liabilities of the Acquired Fund. Subsequently, the Acquired Fund will be liquidated and shareholders of the Acquired Fund will become shareholders of the Surviving Fund. Shareholders of the Acquired Fund will receive shares of the Surviving Fund that are equal in aggregate net asset value to the shares of the Acquired Fund held on the closing date of the reorganization. Shareholders of each class of shares of the Acquired Fund will receive the corresponding class of the Surviving Fund, as follows..
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