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the March update has posted

Dear guys,

The updates are all in place. We have, I think, a couple substantive and fairly interesting pieces. Following our discussion of the Longleaf Global closing and the leads offered by Charles and others, I tried to put again an examination of what happens when firms that never launch new funds actually launch new funds. And I looked, too, at the Artisan IPO and the questions surrounding fund company stocks.

Dale Harvey's piece, an elevator talk, made me think a bit about how easy it is to misjudge a fund. It's got two stars now but that seems a matter of timing (what months are included and which excluded from the calculation) as much as strategy.

The plan for April is to celebrate our second anniversary (Chip tells me that the average website lasts about a month) and to look at CEFs (I've been talking with Patrick Galley a bit about them). I'll try to profile a couple, including FEO. May's first feature will be a look at funds run by Harris/Oakmark alumni. We'll update FPIVX and add a profile of Greg Jackson's Oakseed Opportunity fund (SEEDX, open two months and it already has $30 million in AUM). And yes, Whitebox gets its profile, too.

As ever,



  • Don't kid yourself Dr. Snowball, everything goes better with Godiva chocolate!
  • edited March 2013
    David, DODFX would have been a better choice than DODWX in my opinion since they started DODFX after long gap compared to DODWX.

  • edited March 2013
    Thanks as always David. Ya want a catch phrase? Try "until the fallout" - Regards
  • Wow, this month's issue is massive! Thank you for all your hard work, David!
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