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Time to get jiggy with VWIGX?

edited July 28 in Fund Discussions
I'm liking this fund. VWIGX has had nice YTD performance and a great track record...International Large Cap seems to be unloved compared to US Large Growth. It has a low ER (.43)...ranks in the top 5% of the category for trailing returns (for every time frame from 1 month through 15 years).

Not mentioned much here at MFO...I wrote this back in 2016...might be worth a review:


  • msf
    edited July 27
    There's been some talk, largely positive, e.g. Feb 2019 thread on int'l funds and the thread this month on swaps that paid off where some people wrote of swapping into this fund.

    I've been taking a close look at this fund. You're looking at it as a somewhat lateral move from domestic to foreign. My interest is in moving foreign holdings a bit more toward the growth side. (Call that capitulation to growth if you will, but I'm viewing it as broadening my portfolio.)

    When I look through blend/growth foreign large cap funds, a couple that keep turning up are BGESX (unavailable to retail investors) and SCVEX. One can get the lead managers of each of these at 40% of the cost (less with Admiral shares) with the Vanguard fund.

    VWIGX has a fair amount of EM. For those who prefer to manage their own allocations, this can be problematic. For those who prefer delegating some asset allocation to their fund managers, the EM holdings are a good thing.

    Cost is great, performance has been great. Much (not all) of that is due to this being a heavily leaning growth fund. That makes it high risk (does not do well in bear markets, and M* classifies it as high risk in what is already a high risk category). VWIGX can be purchased at various brokerages, albeit with a TF. VWILX must be purchased directly through Vanguard AFAIK.

    So I've also been looking at other funds with a fair amount of EM, but blend rather than growth - with commensurately lower past performance and lower risk. Can't beat Vanguard on cost, though.

    HDVYX - value leaning blend fund, submanaged by Wellington. A bit cheaper than most.
    PSILX - straight down the middle blend fund (of funds). Has a small slice of PRIDX, a closed fund.
    MDIDX - a growth leaning blend fund (of funds).

  • VWIGX is available at TD (with a transaction fee) - I just checked.
  • VWIGX has been an absolute home run. Blew through the pandemic so far. It helps that it has large holdings in Tesla and Amazon. But has performed great since it's inception since 1981.
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