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Grandeur Peak Funds re-opened

Noticed this the other day. GPGOX, GPIOX, GPROX, GPEOX...I was evenable to pick up GPMCX in my 401k brokerage account...I guess I missed the announcement.


  • edited July 2020
    Yes, they opened back in early April. David wrote about it in his monthly commentary.

    International Stalwarts is closed to third party financial intermediaries effective June 10.

    I picked up GPMCX for a non-taxable account.
  • Thanks, Shadow. Late to party I guess
  • Better late than never.
  • How did you pick up GPMCX? Are you investing directly with Grandeur Peak?
  • I’m not sure, Lewis. This was surprising to me. The order executed in my brokerage that’s part of my company’s 401k.
  • I have heard a couple of investors purchased the fund with Grandeur Peak then transferred it to a brokerage.

    What brokerage did you use?
  • Firm is called Empower Retirement.
  • At least you were able to purchase it.

    I just noticed that Schwab has it open to "available to existing shareholders".

    Not all the brokerages are up to date with the status of mutual funds which is a problem.
  • SUPPLEMENT DATED MARCH 31, 2020 TO THE SUMMARY PROSPECTUSES AND PROSPECTUS FOR THE GRANDEUR PEAK EMERGING MARKETS OPPORTUNITIES FUND, GRANDEUR PEAK GLOBAL MICRO CAP FUND, GRANDEUR PEAK GLOBAL OPPORTUNITIES FUND, GRANDEUR PEAK GLOBAL REACH FUND AND GRANDEUR PEAK INTERNATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES FUND (EACH A “FUND,” AND TOGETHER, THE “GRANDEUR PEAK FUNDS”) DATED AUGUST 31, 2019Effective April 1, 2020, the Grandeur Peak Emerging Markets Opportunities Fund, Grandeur Peak Global Opportunities Fund, Grandeur Peak Global Reach Fund, and Grandeur Peak International Opportunities Fund will reopen to all shareholders.Also, effective April 1, 2020, the Grandeur Peak Global Micro Cap Fund will reopen to all shareholders who purchase directly from Grandeur Peak Funds. The Fund remains open through financial intermediaries to shareholders who currently hold a position in the Fund. Financial advisors with clients in the Fund are able to invest in the Fund for both existing as well as new clients. The Fund also remains open to all participants of retirement plans currently holding a position in the Fund.
  • edited July 2020
    Yes, I thought GPMCX was re-opened only to existing shareholders, but new investors with no prior position, have been able to purchase GPMCX. @Gmarceau purchased a new position, without being an existing shareholder. That is contrary to what is listed in the summary prospectus.
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