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Are Critics Right? Is It Time To Dump Your 401(k) Account?

Are Critics Right? Is It Time To Dump Your 401(k) Account?

/PAUL KATZEFF 08:00 AM ET 07/13/2020
Critics, including some high-profile celebrity talking heads, are bashing 401(k) accounts. They claim 401(k)s are riddled with flaws and will burn you later. Are they right? Are you sabotaging your retirement planning by stashing money inside those popular workplace retirement savings plans?/

Put in Roth or sepira ./tdf..
We did both sep ira and tdf


  • edited July 2020
    @johnN: Now you left me guessing ! Were these{ Roth} sep ira & tdf that you & wife put money into?
    Stay safe, Derf
  • edited July 2020
    Hi sir @_Derf
    Having reviewed article again, think many folks have misconceptions regarding taxations and 401k. These vehicles are still effective if you continue to contribute right amount and limit future taxation. Whether this may hold we don't really know. But having roth-ira and using tdf/bonds/mf vehicles maybe some of best ways to save moderate amounts of future taxation while generating good incomes...

    we do have all these in our sep-ira [bonds and vanguard_2045]. Hope these are right approaches.

    We still don't know if our 401k may face increased taxation next year [or maybe just vague news to misconstrue presidential candidate]
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