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A Dash of Insight: Weighing the Week Ahead

edited July 2020 in Other Investing
Lots of investing data with links to other articles:
I drew upon the wisdom of Satchel Paige who counseled, “Don’t look back; something might be gaining on you.” Markets have reflected the perceptions of those focused on the most recent changes. The forward-looking quality depends on the accuracy of these perceptions. I did not really expect major media to follow this theme, since no one else is trying to measure and explain the linkages between the pandemic, the economy, earnings, and stock prices. I have been following my 2020 resolution of asking myself each week, “What is the most important thing for investors to think about?” I was delighted to see comments (and I read them all) from some of my most astute readers underscoring the importance of this approach.


  • edited July 2020
    could be sideways or down by weekend after today..poor earnings expected unless we have new surprises
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