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Commentary: China has already peaked and faces economic stagnation

edited July 2020 in Other Investing
The Center for Strategic and International Studies estimates that China has yet to break through the material science that goes into the latest microscopic chips, despite throwing money at the challenge of successive programs, the latest commanding over $ 20 billion of dollars. Its high-end chip industry is ten years behind, but in ten years the infrastructure for global cyber dominance will already be in place.In short, the United States controls the global semiconductor ecosystem, working closely with Japan, Korea, and Taiwan. All Washington had to do at the end of May was to move their fingers and TCMS of Taiwan instantly cut the chips to Huawei, suddenly condemning the company’s global G5 quest.

Britain cannot stay with Huawei even if it wants to. US Congress Won’t Authorize Branch of Chinese State – Serving Xi’s Doctrine civil-military merger – acquire global control over a key technological break point.

China is already in Germany...Any telecommunications group aiming to pursue Huawei’s G5 plans in these circumstances commits financial suicide. Deutsche Telekom internal documents speak of “Armageddon” if the German firm is forced to replace 3 billion euros of Huawei equipment already installed. Armageddon is what they are going to get.


  • There are plenty of reasons to be suspicious about the Chinese economy.

    But that article reads like a robot wrote it.
  • China does a great job stealing our military technology (see j-31). I'm sure they could steal our other technologies just as well.

    Moreover, China has the patience to play the long game; something the US or US companies struggle to do.
  • And all these companies want to install R&D centers in China.

    Also China's business practice leave little intellectual property protection for the suppliers. Often there is a requirement to form a join venture with local firms in order to sell the products.
  • It is ludicrous to set up an R&D facility in China.
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