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This spot-on predictor of who will win the 2020 presidential election is not the stock market or eve

edited July 2020 in Other Investing

This spot-on predictor of who will win the 2020 presidential election is not the stock market or even opinion polls
Published: July 7, 2020 at 6:55 a.m. ET
By Mark Hulbert

/Does the stock market predict the winner of U.S. presidential elections? Many argue that it does, pointing to the historical correlation between the incumbent party retaining the White House and the stock market’s strength in the months leading up to Election Day in November./


  • edited July 2020
    Love to show how these sites are wrong. Below is what Predictit showed just before the 2016 election. It said all the way to the election that Hilary will win, so much for accuracy ;-)
    The stock market is not a good predictor. "The economy, stupid" is a phrase coined by James Carville in 1992

  • edited July 2020
    Biden is leading from his basement home/headquarters and powerful online virtue rallies 52-39% in polls last months according to cnbc msnbc abc

    Many folks maybe overhyped thrilled enthused raved up regarding potential 8 more yrs of Obama*s wonderful policies.

    Right based Rasmussen has trump approvals at 47%

    I do think trump could be in troubles and biden may win it very close

    If economy takes off many folks returning to work, All bets are off and could be very cloudy predictions Nov 2020
  • This is the smartest thing I have read, esp the proper polling, and I hope the Dems do not fall into it:
  • To borrow a comment from Crash: "Truth".
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