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First Amendment v. Second Commandment

How is not wearing a mask in public these days, claiming it’s your constitutional right not to have to, not equivalent to raising a middle finger to the universally accepted ethical notion of “love your neighbor”?


  • edited June 2020
    Simple. There are large swaths of this country where people don't care about anyone but themselves. Those flaunting rules and not wearing masks while at the same time saying they are 'free' do do that because there's no law prohibiting it are part of what I call the Free-Dumb caucus.

    Such idiots take the annoying notion of 'American exceptionalism' and/or 'indvidualism' to nauseatingly new lows....and yet will be the first ones queuing up for government or community help when they start to reap the consequences of their actions.
  • Location and particular local-regional government regulations matter a lot. The Covid thing is not at all as bad here as on the Mainland. I hate the mask. As long as proper distance is kept, we are not required to have them on at the beach, or out in public, in the outdoors. But they must be worn in stores, banks, etc. Twenty one young people over on the Big Island were ARRESTED last week for ignoring quarantine, though: anyone coming to Hawaii from anywhere else must stay alone for 14 days.
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    as if cv cares about regs

    masking is a social act, protecting not chiefly oneself as much as others, over time

    hate away, but masking is a gesture toward the common good

    you should be glad for the regs, and good for those arrests

    somebody has to act the grownup in this stressful time
  • ...And many of us already have breathing issues, which the mask only exacerbates. When I can be where the mask is not required, I'm happy. Last I checked, I'm not required to feel guilty for not wearing a mask where it's NOT required. Because it's not required for a REASON.:)
  • no, you know that's not the case

    you have a good reason, if it is truly impairing; no one disputes that, if it is truly impairing

    but 'not required for a reason' is not how it works, and you know it
  • "Not required for a reason" is a "thing." It's real. The mask, in some locations, is not required because social distancing IS required. At a beach-park, there's plenty of room so that we can all intentionally not get too close to others. Except for the one idiot kid, yesterday.... Who after all, was still a few feet away when we passed each other.
  • Crash said ""Not required for a reason" is a "thing." It's real." Sorry but no, it's imaginary. Covid is real, the thing is letting you think that you're ok. As one who hits all the bases as an extremely susceptible person I wear one pretty much everywhere and yet have no trouble breathing with it on. 70+, ex-smoker, asthma, pulmonary issues and COPD. No clue what your complications are but maybe see new doctors. If people say they have trouble breathing then I can only question why they are taking the risk. Catching Covid scares me more than anything at this time.
  • edited June 2020
    Ok, people can refuse to acknowledge things, like the point I'm making. Moving along, now. At quite a distance from the rest of you, so that none of us catches Covid.
  • the point you think you are making is not worth acknowledging, man

    quite aside from the utter sketchiness of your self-dx, as Mark, w serious and extensive experience, points out; indeed, one w 'breathing issues' should mask up from the second they arise

    muggles's OP stands now, majorly
  • edited June 2020
    I can walk out the door and turn the corner and go take my daily constitutional with no one even close enough to be within earshot. Disagreement is one thing. Misunderstanding (perhaps) is possible. But contempt, as expressed in the posting above from DM, is another. Just go fuck yourself.
  • Not required for a reason is subject to too much political bias. If you can truly and honestly accomplish the required safety with an alternative method, I would consider the argument. What prompted the post was watching on TV a militant jackoff shouting “Masks are tyranny!” That leaves no room for reasons or reasonableness.
  • Also, thank you royal4. That expresses my feelings on this with an eloquence I do not possess and presents the dichotomy I tied to set up.
  • @Crash,

    that is the spirit
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