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U.S. Stocks Rise in Longest Rally of Pandemic Era - Fall After Trump China News Conference Announced

edited May 2020 in Other Investing
THAN: U.S. Stocks Rise in Longest Rally of Pandemic Era

Might fizzle by the close, but as of 2:30 PM

DJI +.53%

S&P +.89%

NASDAQ +.78%

Other Markets

Hong Kong -.72%

“Down Under” - saw gains north of 1% overnight

Japan - strong overnight

Europe - strong finish today

Latin America - flat / down currently. - Brazil has or soon will overtake the U.S. as leader in coronavirus deaths as its strong-man Prez has been ignoring health warnings.

Gold - slightly off / still above $1700

Oil - 2-3% gains today

NOW: Dow takes a 300-point U-turn lower Thursday as Trump says he will hold a Friday news conference on China Published: May 28, 3:49 p.m. ET

“U.S. stocks turned negative on Thursday within the final hour of trade as markets digested a report that President Donald Trump was set to hold a news conference on China on Friday. Word of an event comes as tensions with China over Hong Kong rise.”
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