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Why Is the Stock Market Up?

edited May 2020 in Other Investing

Why Is the Stock Market Up?
By some estimates, nearly one in four Americans is out of work. A steady stream of bankruptcies has begun, both out loud and quietly, and many businesses have shuttered for good...

Perhaps investors are pessimistic regarding slowdown of virus, potential vaccines developments, positive effects of several drug trialsand reopening of US States...could be upbeat summer months


  • edited May 2020
    I posted about it several times, many investors think that the stock market is a reflection of the economy but it's not.
    The market looks ahead and compare to what we have seen in the last several weeks, there is a good chance it will be better in 6 months.
    Another reason is the big high tech companies and other giants that are doing just fine. Are the FAANG+MSFT+Walmart+Costco are doing fine? yes, they are.
    Then, the Fed + Gov had huge support.
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