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The stock market's speculative frenzy

edited May 2020 in Other Investing

The stock market's speculative frenzy

Never has the stock market seen so much gambling. Volume is at record highs, with individual stocks and the market as a whole feeling almost manic. More people than ever are betting more money than ever on which way stocks will move, in a frenzy that feels more like a casino than a safe place for long-term capital appreciation.

In other words many of us maybe playing Russian roulette with our investment monies...


  • It feels like we are in Dot Com era for sure. Unfortunately after the bust, "value" = "financial" ruled. Unfortunately "value" is not "financial" anymore. Whoever knows what sector is "value" today, please do tell.
  • Really nonsense article. When markets are extreme + high volatility then the volume is up...duh. See 5 years (chart).
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