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10 Best bank stocks

10 of the Best Bank Stocks to Buy for 2020
The best financial stocks to buy for 2020 have had a tough year but are faring better than the sector.

Anyone buying adding to bank stocks/etf. VHF


  • Still not biting.
  • edited May 2020
    I see some sort of "China Life." Available to buy on US Markets? I still maintain: look north of the border, at the 6 big banks. CM, BMO, TD, RY, BNS, NTIOF.... Not so much for growth, but for their great dividends. But if you buy NOW, in the midst of the coronavirus feces, they all should have upward futures.

  • With the exception of maybe TROW and LAZ, I wouldn't touch bank or financial stocks with YOUR money. Even if the fed backstops them as they did in 2008, I just don't trust them ... and I never would buy bank preferreds, which are almost always non-cumulative, meaning WHEN (not 'if' - b/c they never learn) they get into trouble again and suspend divs, in certain cases you're not guaranteed your dividend and thus have essentially given the bank an interest-free loan.
  • I think this was supposed to be joke. "10 bank stocks". during editing someone decided "best" was missing and added it. Banks not going to make any money with rock bottom interest rates. Since I'm not a financial ANALyst I cannot question how and where earnings are going to come from. If you look at the top 4 banks - JPM, BAC, C and let me just say "We F Chumps", half of the revenue comes from interest. This means they have to somehow grow revenues from non-interested related enterprise. Guess what's going to have to happen if they are pressured to increase their earnings to meet market expectations.

    "Value" funds better find value elsewhere. This is not 2002.
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