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People flock to NYC-area bars, beaches as ‘quarantine fatigue’ intensifies

edited May 2020 in Other Investing

People flock to NYC-area bars, beaches as ‘quarantine fatigue’ intensifies

They’re partying like it’s 2019.

/lockdown-weary New Yorkers ditched the distancing to get social instead this weekend — transforming parts of the Big Apple into a raucous, late-season Mardi Gras./

Folks in NY may have no remote, 2nd wave maybe deadly. We will find out in few weeks if ny curve indeed was flattened


  • A minor point perhaps, but NYC beaches remain closed - Coney Island, Rockaway Beach, etc. The beach pictures shown are of New Jersey beaches.

    Detailed NYC COVID-19 data and graphs:

    Keep in mind that aside from Rhode Island, NYS does more testing per capita than any other state and more than any other country outside of small countries like the the Falkland Islands and Luxembourg.

    Even Trump knows that the more testing you do the more cases you "have" (report). It's like comparing Big Apples with Oranges (LA county 20,569 tests/1M pop., roughly half US average.) This is not to suggest that the NYC metropolitan area is not the most significant epicenter; just that one should understand the nature of the data at hand, whether for epidemics or fund metrics.
  • Oahu parks and tennis courts are re-opened, family/household units can go and sunbathe, swim. Social distancing rules apply. Why not basketball courts? Basketball involves close contact. No baseball diamonds yet, either. I suppose I've not missed baseball the way I figured I would.... Oh, ya: the malls are open as of last Friday too, but not all stores are choosing to re-open. I was able to finally go to my credit union in person! The other one I have is Navy FCU, and it never has closed. 30-minute wait to get in.
  • Why not basketball courts? Basketball involves close contact.

    That's why De Blasio closed the NYC playgrounds. Too many people were unclear on the concept that "contact sport" involves contact.
  • +1..... Growing up, we were told that basketball is NOT a contact sport. But the game has changed SO MUCH.
  • We are still very careful going outside. Work environment has changed forever with much emphasis on social distancing, face covering, and personal hygiene. Many recovered patients have lasting damages to their internal organs including the lungs, heart and in case the central nervous system. Until an effective vaccine is available, there is no point to take unnecessary risk to the exposure.
  • Howdy folks,

    Crash i heard it once described as basketball is a contact sport while football is a collision sport

  • @rono LOL. Yup. When I played organized basketball as a kid, I didn't do it for very long: I avoided contact with the opponent, and got called for it. WHISTLE. The others disregarded that rule and got away with it. So, I played football and ice hockey.
  • @Crash ; 3 pointer !!
    From one Hoopster to another, Derf

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