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Does The Golden Butterfly Portfolio Flutter or Fly?

edited May 2020 in Fund Discussions
This Reminds me of PRPFX to a degree:
Matching the high return of the Total Stock Market with the low volatility of the Permanent Portfolio, the Golden Butterfly is a home-grown Portfolio Charts sample portfolio that combines some of the best features of other asset allocations into a stable and efficient investment strategy for accumulation and retirement alike.

Here are a few more notable Portfolios:


  • edited May 2020
    Very sweet. PortfolioCharts should had your Zig/Zag SPY/TLT portfolio to list. I meantime, I will had Ivy, Golden Butterfly, Permanent, and others to Pre-Set Allocation options in MultiSearch.
  • beebee
    edited September 29
    Comparing Portfolios such as the Golden Butterfly to others, especially during the SWR (Safe Withdrawal Rate) period of life:
    (note: this is discussed as if you were a UK investor)


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