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Bond ETFs Survived Their First Big Crisis

edited May 2020 in Other Investing

Bond ETFs Survived Their First Big Crisis
MAY 14, 2020 • PAGE 2 OF 3

/Investors were still able to trade through the market turmoil, just not at the prices they might have hoped for. “If investors wanted that liquidity, they basically had to pay for it,” says Ryan Sullivan, senior vice president of Brown Brothers Harriman’s global ETF services. “They were able to access it. It certainly was not an ideal trade, but all things equal, the funds held up.”/

The multi million dollars question maybe for us is how long can they survive/stay afloat. Market sentiment maybe better today compared to March 20 but much pains and obstacles ahead


  • Was there any role of massive funding by FED and stimulus from Govt. in this?
  • Hi sir kings53man

    Prob..many pundits are saying and singing same themes similar after 2008 crash, feds pumping massive amounts cash into systems to keep it afloat otherwise dows maybe at 10k now
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