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  • Sure, hold on to that thought.
  • edited May 2020
    We may find out by end of summer-mid falls/after presumptive media-driven news regarding colossal massive deaths [maybe supposed to be 2 -3 millionss by time we are done] from covid19 rebounds.

    Prelim numbers could be ~ ? 30x to 80x off based on antibodies studies [but death data and number carrying virus could be skewed either ways]; others says world ending virus/doomsday virus has killed 0.0003% of US population so far [probably from DT/trumptards fans].

    Still 90/10 w/ private portfolio and redistributions and adding TDF 2045 [rebalanced form 80/20 after March 20s th]

    Read somewhere where they had that massive Asian Flu in late 69s and greatest concerts in Earth Still happened @ Woodstock where millions did showed up. US did have braver men and women at that time. Think international travel maybe limited back then. Social Distancing were out of questions definitely then [especially w/ the heavy smoking/ grass and s*x]

    But feel bad either ways for business owners will be on the streets soon begging for food if keep everything closed any longer.

    I called and discussed w/ the Merrill Edge managers last week, they say maybe good time to buy for long terms [not short nor medium], I think market maybe much higher 5 yrs from today. Probably best go 90/10, shut everything off for 6 months [TV news, etc...] keep DCAs. [We will see what happen in 6 months-12 months when wake up from this nightmare].

    I do feel blessed because accnt only ~ 10s% down from previous all time highs. Maybe spoken too soon, maybe 25s% down again after summer.
  • The 68-69 flu killed a ~100k in the USA over 1.5 years... we're getting there in 4 months with COVID19 and only 400k-500k attended Woodstock.
  • Howdy folks,

    Please, dear God, get a grip. Take away NYC and the Curve is still spiking for the nation. That means that when it peaks we'll have an equal number of deaths on the downslope. Do the math. 3000 deaths per day. 20 days left in May, 80K right now. Er, 150k by June 1. Double that for June. At this rate of 'smart' living we'll hit a million by fall when the second wave starts. Oh, and every scientist on the planet says the second wave is going to be much worse.


  • Without contact tracing and universal testing you are right
  • But Trump says that every scientist on the planet is wrong and Covid is just going to "go away". Jeeze- who to believe on this?
  • I have a nice bridge...
  • edited May 2020
    I live in Central Coast CA. Many vendors at Framers' Market yesterday morning sold out early. Etto, a nearby Italian Deli, line out the door ... wine, fresh pasta. Dropping several hundred. Our local bike shop has no bikes ... all sold! UPS Store packed. Pier 46, a fresh fish and taco place ... slammed busy. Full kitchen staff. Lines for entrance into Trader Joe's and Home Depot. Plexiglass shields at counters/checkout. People respecting social distancing. Most wearing masks. Some wearing gloves. Felt like most normal Saturday since March. fwiw. c
  • To avoid large crowd in stores we go either early when the stores open or near the last 15 minutes before closing. It is also good that many customers are now wearing face covering and addition protection are installed to protect the cashiers and workers. Still see few large gatherings without face coverings and we avoid them when we go for walk outside.

    Strange now in our work space as two separate shifts are used and the cubicles are spaced further apart. Instead of face-to-to face discussion we talk on the phone. Conference calls replace group meetings. Overall very impersonal and strange.
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