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Mostly Simplicity outdistances Complexity

Hi Guys,

Most times a simple plan will generate superior outcomes over a more complex plan.

Many examples exist, especially from. WWII. A famous example comes from the sinking of the Bismarck super battleship. Remember it was described as the biggest ship with the biggest guns. It was initially crippled by a torpedo that was dropped by an old, outdated twin winged, slow speed aircraft with an open cockpit. Time had made these airplanes obsolete, well almost obsolete. But war demands immediate action and that plane was what was available.

During the attack this plane evaded all the battleships elaborate and sophisticated air defenses and delivered the crippling blow. The problem was that the battleship guns were designed to aim and fire at modern airplanes with the lowest speed of 120 MPH. But this old airplane only flew at 88 MPH so it evaded all shots at it. Modern technology never scored a hit and was defeated. So was the famous battleship.

Here is a Link that shows the plane:

Sometimes, old technology that has survived the cruel test of time is superior to newer technology with all its tempting enhancements. Mostly that’s good progress until time, once again, provides a challenging test with an unexpected twist. History never completely repeats itself. Small differences matter. That lesson is especially true when making investment decisions. If it were easy, everyone would be a billionaire.

Best Regards


  • Another lesson might be: Don't cross your own T in a sea battle, especially if you're the lighter class of vessel.
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