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FUND reopenings

Anyone buying or Contemplating these funds?

7 Funds Reopening Amid Equity Meltdown
Past bear markets have shown that there likely will be more reopening announcements on the way.

Russel Kinnel
Mar 30, 2020

Mentioned: Artisan Small Cap Investor (ARTSX) , Wasatch Core Growth (WGROX) , Wasatch Small Cap Growth Investor (WAAEX) , Fidelity® Small Cap Discovery (FSCRX) , Artisan International Value Investor (ARTKX) , Wasatch International Growth Investor (WAIGX) , Fidelity® Small Cap Growth (FCPGX


  • I'm waiting for PrimeCap Odyssey Aggressive Growth.
  • Does anyone have any recommendations from this group of newly reopened funds?
  • edited April 2020
    I was previously fond of Artisan International Value Investor (ARTKX). Until recently, two long-time co-managers were in charge. However, the management team split and one of the co-manangers now manages a global fund for Artisan. I'm not certain how this will impact ARTKX going forward.
  • edited April 2020
    I'm Master Artisan trader. I cycle in / out of their funds. I cylced out a little early in 2019 and didn't enjoy gains, and then was happy in February. However I started adding a bit and the floor simply fell our from under their funds.

    So I'm waiting to cycle back in. The point. Don't fall in love with funds / fund manager. In bull market KNOW which companies funds will do well and go along for the ride. Don't be greedy and don't try to get "market returns".

    Just the way I do things. Probably does not fit into either "trading" or "investing" definition.

    The one mistake was I bought APFDX and was forced to plonk down $2500. That's hurting.
  • Fidelity has reopened FSMEX (medical equipment) FSCRX (small cap discovery) and FCGPX (small cap growth) for those who are interested.

    Fidelity Announcement
  • Not happy Fidelity reopened FSMEX. I’ve been invested in it for three+ years now and I thought the AUM was more than high enough.

    The AUM is still over $5 billion. I presume they see great “value”in their space. I sure hope that’s the reason!
  • @mcmarasco
    The AUM was $7 billion when the fund closed 1 year ago. Some of the change value today to about $5.3 billion, is likely a combination of outflows from the fund and the underlying value of the holdings downward at this time. Mark had noted the value of the holdings for some of the AUM change.
  • Agreed. I just hope it reopened for the right reasons, “great opportunities”.
  • Consider IHI as an alternative to FSMEX if an option for you. Similar performance YTD and better over 3 and 5 year periods (per Schwab data)
  • Thx AZRph. I’ll give it a look!
  • I opened a position with ARTSX in my IRA, as I like its long and short-term performance. I'll probably add about $500 per month over the course of several months. Not in a hurry to dump a lot of money into this market for the time being.
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