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The Rise of Green Bonds

edited March 2020 in Other Investing

/the Rise of Green Bonds
Why investors should take a closer look at the green bond market.

Key Insights
Growth of the green bond market expected to continue in 2020, led by sovereigns.
Germany’s willingness to issue green bonds is likely to act as a reference point for other issuers.
There is an opportunity to start integrating green bonds into fixed income portfolios./

Trow price Dynamic Global Bond and Global Aggregate Bond

Anyone use these vehicles?


  • I bought TIAA's TSBRX in January as part of my effort to move more of my IRA into bonds.

    It's off 4.82 since then. But it had a lower rating (BBB) and a longer duration (5.88) than the rest of the bond funds I bought. So, I'm not surprised it has fared worse. It was an outlier bet that my gloomy thoughts were wrong.
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