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A Dark and Challenging Day

edited December 2019 in Off-Topic
Hi Guys,

I’m old enough to remember the horrific day of December 7, 1941. The air attack on Pearl Harbor that day was shocking, and caused much fear among my family and friends. We feared that recovery of our fleet would never happen. But it did, and quickly too. That’s a lasting tribute to our toughness and resiliency. I believe we still retain those admirable characteristics. Here’s a Link that documents that dark day with some exceptional photos.

A better reference film is at:

That day is easily remembered for me since almost daily I see the old Iowa battleship. It was built during WWII. It’s yet another monument to our tenacity. We do recover and stay the course, which isn’t ‘t a bad characteristic for investing too. Stay healthy and remember that unexpected and tragic day in our history. History never repeats itself, but iit’s a great teacher.

Best Regards


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